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CT Digital Marketing Agency

CT Digital Marketing Agency

A Global Leader and CT Digital Marketing Agency, ImaageWorks provides award winning marketing, design, development and CT Digital Marketing services. Founded in 1997, ImageWorks has been a thought leader and true digital marketing agency from the beginning. We've created digital solutions for all industries, and our team continues to lead the pack in inbound marketing, Pay Per Click outreach, and an array of digital marketing services. Our no nonsense strategy to work with your team to define goals, implement solutions, and then measure ROI to make sure evrything is on track will give your organization a true competitive advantage.

At ImageWorks, Digital Strategy is a core part of everything we do. Whether executing your digital program or consulting to help develop and optimize a digital plan; the holistic approach of this best in class CT Digital Marketing Agency will increase campaign efficiencies.

Our Comprehensive Plans Include:

  • Proper budget structure
  • Audit of current digital assets
  • Specific digital medium recommendation and selection
  • Visually conveying the digital marketing mix
  • Digital footprint design and brand awareness focus
  • Digital messaging and concepts
  • Cross-Device Strategy
  • Multiple touchpoints, audiences and conversion funnels

Conversion Marketing/Inbound Marketing

Conversion Marketing converts customers just browsing your website into completed actions or sales. ImageWorks goal for your business is to gain as many conversions as possible. Conversions may be completed sales or signing up for newsletters; any measurable action that was performed on your website by your customers.

  • Creating sales and engaging customers
  • Real time data to show how many of you customers are converting
  • Finding out why your customers left without converting (landing page, bad link, etc.)

Awareness Marketing

Awareness Marketing builds brand awareness for your business. Because we are an experienced CT Digital Marketing Agency, we strongly believe that without a strong brand, your business will result in a decrease. Your brand builds your business. You want to make sure your customers know who you are before your competitors.

  • Create loyalty with customers
  • Brand awareness lowers your customer acquisition costs
  • Brand awareness helps capture lost customers through retargetingAwareness 


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Selecting a Web Design Company

Hubspot LogoA CT Web design company, ImageWorks has been providing custom web development and inbound marketing strategy solutions for over 14 years. Focused on rapid deployment, our in house staff, dedicated project management, 24/7 customer service, and wide array of technical solutions are among the finest on the eastern seaboard. A comprehensive, online development and marketing firm able to meet all of your online needs,our relationship with our Clients only begins with the initial website production.

Move To Mobile

Get Responsive design for multiple platforms to reach your audience wherever may be.