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L&G Business Solutions Responds to the Future of Marketing

Sunday, July 31, 2005

L&G Business Solutions, LLC, looked into the future of marketing and sales, and recognized that to continue to grow and build revenues, L&G needed to revitalize and reinvent its online strategies.

Avon, CT (PRWEB) July 31, 2005 — L&G Business Solutions, LLC, looked into the future of marketing and sales, and recognized that to continue to grow and build revenues, L&G needed to revitalize and reinvent its online strategies. As part of that reinvention, it hired ImageWorks, LLC, to reinvent its web site to make it more interactive and create space for lots of good free content that its business clients and potential clients can use to grow their businesses.

“We believe that businesses and potential business clients want more from us than a pretty web site with stagnant content,” Lewis Green, Founder & Managing Principal, says. “People who visit our Site do not want us to talk about ourselves. They want to know what is in it for them.

So, we brainstormed with ImageWorks to reinvent our Web Site ( so that it offers an interactive forum with lots of free business tips, a link to white papers, and a free eZine with sales and marketing and business development news and articles.”

According to a white paper authored by Rick E. Bruner, Director of Research, DoubleClick, the number of adult Americans using the Internet rose steadily at an average cumulative annual rate of 7 percent from 2000 to 2004.

“Consumers have taken control,” Jeffrey Cohen, Vice President of Sales, ImageWorks, says. “The savvy business person recognizes that the new consumer often knows as much about the products and services offered as does the business selling those products and services.

“So businesses need to give the consumer what they want—informative and useful content and interactivity. Businesses such as L&G Business Solutions recognize they need to embrace the new market reality and move at least some of their marketing strategies online.”

As more proof that people are taking more control of their buying habits, the Pew Internet & American Life Project reports that 8 percent of all Internet users maintained a blog (Web Log) as of November 2004, while 38 percent said they were familiar with them, and 27 percent called themselves regular blog readers. Other research indicates that nearly 95 percent of business people look to the internet at least some of the time for both their personal and business needs.

“In addition to a more robust Web Site, we responded to the research by launching an interactive and participatory Web Log ( with free business tips, and are focused on driving people to our online presence in a variety of ways,” Green says.

“By offering free information that any size business can use to increase their revenues, we believe we help businesses grow. When businesses grow—whether or not they are our clients—all businesses, including ours, benefit.

“We continue to advise our clients to use a mix of marketing and advertising strategies,” he added, “but we are much more aware of the new consumer and urge our clients to respond to them in a far different way than they would have even a decade ago.”

Connecticut-based L&G Business Solutions helps businesses along the East Coast that want to grow by focusing on sales and marketing processes, strategies and techniques. They are thought leaders whose clients benefit from the “5 Ps of InfoGuru Marketing”: Positioning, Packaging, Promotion, Persuasion and Performance. L&G solves problems relating to retaining and growing customers and they guarantee their work.

Connecticut web design firm, ImageWorks, LLC, creates immediate positive results for companies, no matter the size, by turning web design into an elegant, user-friendly place to visit. They do this by combining colors, images, layout & style into something pleasing to the eyes. ImageWorks LLC designs web sites to focus on function & content.

Media Contact:
Lewis Green
Founder & Managing Principal
L&G Business Solutions

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