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As a World-Class Team of NYC Paid Search Experts, ImageWorks has been managing digital paid search campaigns for as long as they have been around. Our 20 years as a digital markeiting agency (that's not a typo!) has proplled our team to help propel yours. 

Managing paid search programs for small, mid-sized, and enterprise level companies has given us best in class experience writing the most compelling ad copy, most creative ad design, best conversion mapping, and closed loop analysis for the best A/B testing and ROI measurment in the industry.

Our goal for every Paid Search client is the same – a fully optimized PPC program, so that every keyword and every ad is converting into qualified traffic to your site and that that traffic is converting into clients/customers for you. As an agency serving small and mid-sized services firms, Agent-cy provides flat rate, cost-effective pricing depending on necessary PPC volume for your business. Choose from one of our Paid Search packages today or contact us to discuss your PPC management needs.

Why You Should Choose ImageWorks as your NYC Experts for Paid Search Management

ImageWorks has a structured and thorough process that ensures every paid search campaign is efficient, optimized, and results-driven. During our initial conversation with clients, we determine the target audience, the service/product or offer, the competitors, and the marketing goals. The next step takes that knowledge and involves mining web usage research to determine how potential customers are searching the web, where they are likely to click through, and what is going to help them take action. Lastly, we run a competitor analysis, make a budget recommendation, and build out a time line. Once the program is up and running, we continue to monitor and complete optimizations to ensure the efficiency of each campaign. Our ability to integrate multiple marketing disciplines, no matter the assignment, provides our clients with a cohesive effort and a better end product.


Our paid search process continuously tackles 3 key areas:

  • Discovery
  • Deployment
  • Evaluation and Adjustment


ImageWorks understands that every search program is unique depending on the industry, marketplace and customer base. To help improve and tailor a search program for every client, ImageWorks runs a thorough discovery phase with the client.

During this phase, various inputs are discussed to include but not limited to:

  • ROI
  • Goals
  • Success Metrics
  • Promotional Needs
  • Seasonality
  • Frequency of service changes
  • Demographics
  • Geography

Once this information has been gathered, we are able to conduct a complete site and competitive analysis, which helps determine the proper structure, creative and targeting.

We assess the current strengths and weaknesses of a client’s current program. This dynamic approach reveals critical components such as campaign structure, keyword management, copy management, landing page management, and bid strategies/management.


During the deployment process, ImageWorks takes all of the information gathered from the discovery phase and combines it with the current search program to begin building an effective search program. The recommendation for an account structure is based on the structure of a client’s website, the products/services that they offer, or even by locations of the target audience.

Once we have a solid direction for account structure, we begin with the 10 critical components of a successful paid search account:

  • Campaigns
  • AdGroups
  • Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Ad Text
  • Landing Pages
  • Goal Setup
  • Remarketing List for Search Ads
  • Extensions
  • Bid Modifiers

Our campaigns and adgroups pay close attention to the time of day, potential seasonality and daily budget allocation. Specifically, to Keywords, we use various tools and research to choose keywords carefully while making sure to include longer tail terms, and more importantly, start off with a strong negative keyword list. Ad copy is key to the success of any campaign. Recommended ad copy provided by ImageWorks has a drastic competitive edge, as a search marketer with 10+ years’ experience builds each ad. This process provides a complete solution to ad copy and is tailored to fit a brand’s image, landing page content and user intent. From campaigns through ad copy, we are integrating goals, building remarketing lists to continue targeting a potential customer through the sales process and setting up ad extensions for improved click-through-rates.


Evaluation & Adjustment

With evaluation and adjustment, ImageWorks starts with campaign effectiveness. All digital campaigns are measured with a 4-step process. In addition to just paid search, we run a complete analysis to look at cross-channel attribution and overall brand lift.

  • The plan
  • Defining which channels need to be tracked
  • Understanding the key performance indicators
  • Measuring the campaign performance

We start by assessing the campaign goals and overall plan strategy. From there, we begin defining the channels that need to be tracked. Channels are the subgroups in which traffic is driven to the website and can include people coming from paid programs, social sites, referral content, organic searches, direct website entries, and/or email.

Once we define the channels that we are going to track, we dig into the campaign’s key performance indicators (KPIs). If the KPI is awareness, we need to focus on increasing page views. Alternatively, if the KPI is conversion, it means we need to focus on hits to the clients shopping cart, contact form, or download link. Other KPIs could include social media interaction, such as Facebook shares, or on-site interaction. Analysis of the latter will lead to understanding the success of your web content in creating a valuable user experience as determined by average page views and bounce rate.

The fourth and final step is where we actually measure the campaign performance. Through the use of web analytics and third party tracking pixels, we are able to determine by channel, the performance of each KPI within a digital campaign. We are going to look at KPIs from search marketing (Google/Bing/Yahoo), search engine result page rankings (SEO) and the traffic and results from social pages. This fourth step will complete the course of the campaign and help us determine whether or not it was successful.

Past this entire program analysis, we dive into the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of search. Ad impressions, CTR (Click-through-Rate), Conversion Rate, CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and Cost. In addition, we dive deeper to analyze search impression share, negative keyword opportunities and possible keyword discovery. This process allows us to stay informed on the account and recommend changes to the 10 elements discussed in deployment for further optimization.



Our cloud based reporting platform will allow for actionable Insights to be easily accessible online. Reporting options can be tailored to each Individual business and customize based on what the client Is trying to optimize towards. The ImageWorks reporting platform tracks KPIs from paid search campaigns and allows for easy data manipulation and exports.


Competitive Edge and Access to Proprietary Bidding Algorithm

In a nut shell - The ImageWorks algorithm looks at all aspects of a paid search, social, YouTube and display campaigns and maximizes for profitability. Profitability in this description is not limited to dollars, but instead speaks to campaign key performance indicators, such as CPC/CPM, CPA, ROAS, SIS or POS (see below). By measuring statistical significance on data sets, this bidding algorithm is able to take the guessing out of manual bidding and allows for unimpeded growth.

  • CPC - Cost per Click (click basis for traffic)
  • CPM - Cost per Thousand Impressions (impression basis for eyeballs)
  • CPA - Cost per Acquisition (action basis for sales/leads)
  • ROAS - return on Ad Spend (profitability basis for return on investment)
  • SIS - Search Impression Share (Impression/market share basis for maximum clicks/impressions)
  • POS - Average Position (placement basis for eyeballs/clicks)

Features & Benefits:

  • Uses confidence levels by comparing full date ranges of 7, 14, 30, 45, 60 and 90 days
  • Tracks the day of the week and adjust bids programmatically based on previous data by comparing custom calculated performance levels
  • Allows for performance goals to be set at granular levels (i.e. account, campaign, keyword, ad)
  • Tailored towards industry/organization goals vs. generic standards
  • Accounts for seasonality and high/low traffic periods
  • Troubleshoots campaigns for potential errors

Being in the eCommerce industry for 10 years, we realized how important bidding is and that tweaks and testing are instrumental in the success of any campaign. With digital channels growing every day, our time was being pulled in every direction, decreasing the amount of time we had for campaign optimizations through bidding techniques. Long story short, either something was compromised, or we developed a solution to the problem - the bidding algorithm: an automated system that is tailored to an organizations goals, is scalable and is always adapting.

Although originally designed for paid search and eCommerce, the algorithm from ImageWorks has grown to be so much more. Defined as industry agnostic, this algorithm attaches onto any type of search, display, video, or paid social campaign. From insurance to healthcare to government to retail, this algorithm has proven successful.


The maximizing profitability theory holds true to any organization and thus can be used by anyone running the four mentioned mediums.



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