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Bright and Early Children’s Learning Center specializes in providing comprehensive childcare services. As the business is expanding and growing, a much more robust website was needed to help support the ever growing community. April approached us with some very defined objectives, including:

An overall improvement to aesthetics, the user experience, and engagement.

A more user friendly and visual experience.

A reorganization and expansion of current content for enhanced search and browse-ability of content.

A dramatic improvement on SEO performance.

A flexible, affordable, Paid Search program with multiple campaigns that could be focused on different buying groups.


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About Bright & Early Children’s Learning Center

April Marie Lukasik, founder of Bright & Early Children’s Learning Centers, finds her roots in a family of entrepreneurs. Her grandmother owned and operated a nursing home that her parents later grew into a successful entity. April started off working in the family business, gathering experience and cultivating her passion of caring for others. After obtaining her Bachelors Degree in Marketing, April jumpstarted her entrepreneurial career, creating and operating multiple companies while gaining experience and insight into what it takes to build and grow a successful organization.

When her children were toddlers, April found herself searching for CT child care options that suited her needs and standards as a discerning parent… a safe, secure, nurturing, warm, home-like, educational, organized, and clean child care center.

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