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CT Retargeting Companies

CT Retargeting Companies

Bring people back to your website by serving personalized ads across multiple devices, the Internet, and all social media platforms. Our proprietary Bidding algorithm makes sure you don’t miss out on customers or overpay for ad space. As a CT Retargeting Company, we will customize and personalize your ads to bring them to the next level to outperform your competition by showcasing products that are tailored to each individual’s browsing behavior.

Our dynamically genertaed customized ads have seen almost 3x the iundustry standard click-through rates and up to 60% lower click-cost-per-acquisition rates than our competitors.

This CT site retargeting company's uniquely effective strategy along with the algorithm gives you the power of real-time bidding (RTB) technology, which allows marketers to bid on and purchase individual ad impressions.

So if you are looking to win over site visitors and extend your retargeting campaigns to the inbox, while growing your email list and increasing conversions, then take ad personalization to the next level.

Our CT Site Retargeting packages include:   

  • State of the art strategy by a seasoned, professional team
  • Success metrics to allow for second chances to convert customers
  • "Top Of Mind" awareness by keeping your messages in front of your customers, based on customer behaviors
  • Asset development and  tracking while learning more about your audience
  • Decrease cost per acquisition by increasing conversions on first time visitors who leave your website
  • Utilize retargeting to up-sell, cross-sell or onboard visitors


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Selecting a Web Design Company

Hubspot LogoA CT Web design company, ImageWorks has been providing custom web development and inbound marketing strategy solutions for over 14 years. Focused on rapid deployment, our in house staff, dedicated project management, 24/7 customer service, and wide array of technical solutions are among the finest on the eastern seaboard. A comprehensive, online development and marketing firm able to meet all of your online needs,our relationship with our Clients only begins with the initial website production.

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