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Is your social media strategy falling flat? Are you regularly posting but engaging people enough for them to interact with your page? This doesn’t necessarily mean that social media isn’t a productive marketing and advertising tool; rather, you may not be using a platform to the best of its abilities.

CT Facebook Advertising is increasingly personalized in the era of social marketing. Facebook has done away with the single, mass-market message; rather, businesses must now identify and segment audiences and appeal to them directly in ways that resonate on an individual level.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Essentially, Facebook offers two options for businesses to promote products/services on the network of profiles and business pages: cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impressions (CPI). A CPC campaign runs just like a regular Google ad campaign, which directs users to your specified site based on a price you are willing to pay for an individual’s “click.” On the other hand, a CPI campaign is less expensive and more broad, having a business pay a low rate every time a certain amount of people view your ad. Ultimately, CPO campaigns are the right option for businesses looking simply to raise awareness for a brand, product, or even an event.

Benefits Of CT Facebook Advertising and Managed Social Media Advertising in CT

At ImageWorks, we can manage your social media to promote your business in the best manner possible. We can help write posts and post images that your business needs to build a strong, credible presence on social media.

  • Engage and interact with potential customers in real time
  • Generate brand recognition
  • Receive comprehensive reports tailored to your business goals
  • Create hyper-specific ads to target the people you want to sell to
  • Refresh and renew your audiences to provide better lifetime ROI

Our ability to identify high-value customers while controlling costs makes ImageWorks, LLC the leading CT company offering advertising on Facebook.

Ready to begin a new campaign? No other company gets you up to speed faster than we do. Learn more about Facebook Advertising today.

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