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75% of users admit to making judgments about a company's credibility based on their website's design, and 94% of website users' first impressions are design related. - (Web Credibility Research: Stanford University)

Why should you choose a marketing and web design agency that specializes in your vertical market?

Every business out there needs some form of marketing or website design, and although here at ImageWorks we represent brands and companies of all different types, across all different industries, we specialize in a variety of vertical markets. The specialty or niche markets our company knows inside and out are:

Manufacturing: In order to increase sales and attract customers, our main focus for our manufacturing clients is to build a strong manufacturer-to-consumer brand awareness and loyalty. Using a inbound and content marketing approach, we help your company build relationships that will impact your bottom line, grow your company, and reach your business goals.

Medical & Health: We enjoy working with medical and health practices because we want to help you, help more. In order to help you grow your practice, we employ marketing methods such as content, social media, and inbound marketing. You should be able to work with your marketing company to increase your website traffic, convert web visitors, build referrals, and reach your target audience. This way, you can expand your reach, and gain more patients that will truly benefit from your services.

Retail & eCommerce: If you are looking for expert strategists and creatives who understand  the requirements of retail and eCommerce that relate to your business needs you may want to read more about us! Our company’s approach is to design, implement, and develop strategies that will link your company to your target audience while supporting everything from sales, marketing, web design, and more. Learn how to acquire and retain clients, improve conversion rates, and increase brand recognition with ImageWorks.

Associations & Nonprofits: Marketing for nonprofits and associations is an industry we really love to be involved in.  We understand that these types of organizations really need to market to increase their brand awareness so that they can attract volunteers, donors, patrons, campaigners, and ultimately educate and increase membership. Due to the variety of audiences nonprofits and associations have, marketing can become a challenge. Here at ImageWorks we work hard to communicate your message, and help you implement the best inbound marketing strategies that will reach your target audience to gain you advocacy and support.

Service Organizations: As a service organization, having an online presence that reflects your expertise and capabilities is important. We can help you create effective online strategies that showcase your experience as well as support your business goals. This includes increasing customer conversion rates, creating engaging content, and employing more efficient marketing to positively impact your company’s overall success.

Dining & Entertainment: It’s incredible how many consumers will search online for places to eat, and be entertained before going out. That’s why it’s important for businesses in the dining and entertainment industry to have a strong online presence in order to make an impact on potential customers. Not investing in your website could seriously damage your company’s bottom line. Here at ImageWorks we believe that design, content, SEO, functionality, and interactivity are all critical steps to take when marketing in this bustling industry. We’ll work with you to improve your website, showcase your services, engage social media, and ensure a positive user experience.

Financial Institutions: Your financial service company needs a strong, authoritative presence in the digital marketing space. Did you know that inbound marketing is proven to be the best way to be found and engage with potential clients? Customers want you to know them, and understand their business. They also want to be assured you know your business. Let us help you show your customers that they can feel confident in you as a financial service provider through inbound, content, and social media marketing.

Legal: Marketing in the legal industry is a unique endeavor, especially if you represent several different practice areas. There are few things more important to the livelihood of a law firm (or any business) than generating new revenue. Whether you are a sole practitioner, small to medium sized firm or a large firm, in order to be profitable you need new cases coming in consistently. And for any law firm trying to compete for new cases online, it’s absolutely crucial that you choose the right company to work with.

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