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Using Twitter during fundraising events can result in 10X more money raised online.

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We want to make your nonprofit more successful everyday.

We truly believe that nonprofits, foundations, and associations can only have an impact if people understand what they do and why it matters. Effective branding and communication can power an organization’s success, so it’s important to learn how to bring your brand to life through logo design, web design, inbound marketing and more. Don’t miss out on another opportunity to enage new donors, volunteers, or patrons again. ImageWorks is here to help you raise more money and attract the support you need to reach your goals.

Connecting with people is important for any nonprofit organization or association. Provide your visitors with quality content and information through mobile devices, your website, social media platforms, and email marketing campaigns incorporated in your multi-channel marketing plan for engagement and fundraising. Having an ImageWorks custom designed website can help your nonprofit establish a professional image, build your brand, engage prospective donors, reach specialized markets, promote your mission, and more.

Some interesting statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of inbound marketing for nonprofits:

Achieve’s 2013 Millenial Impact Report found –
  • More than 60% of respondents said they liked when nonprofits and associations shared stories on social media platforms about successful projects or the people they help.
  • Also, 39% said they prefer organizations interact with them informally on social networks, rather than try to connect with them using formal PR language.
  • As a result of an email request, 52% signed a petition or pledge and donated, while 49% shared or forwarded news or updates.
  • Meanwhile, 54% indicated they liked emails that shared success stories related to the organizations programmatic work.
  • 51% of of respondents have visited a nonprofit’s website and connected with them on social media, while 46% have read a blog post on a nonprofit’s site.
Other stats from Tech Impact include:
  • 56% of people donated to an organization because they read a story via social media
  • 59% of people donate after becoming a follower of a nonprofit’s social network
  • Nonprofits have 29 mobile subscribers for every 1,000 email subscribers on average.
  • 47% of Americans learn about a nonprofit from the internet, specifically social media

What we can offer your nonprofit:

  • Customize, build, and design your website.
  • Develop a customized marketing plan for your nonprofit or association.
  • Creative branding.
  • Cultivate and nurture social media interactions.
  • Upgrade and maintain your website.
  • Generate traffic for your nonprofit through SEO, blogging, and social media marketing.
  • Convert traffic into donors, volunteers, or patrons through compelling and appealing content.
  • Measure analytics and analyze all parts of your campaign.
  • Revisit and refine to keep web content and design up to date.

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