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Our courteous and patient staff is well trained in the use of content management systems (CMS), and they will train you in the use of those systems. As your relationship with us develops over time, you'll have to rely on us less and less. We'll be out of your hair in no time, yet right by your side if you need our assistance.

Creating a website can be a daunting task. Many business owners walk into our office without knowing where to begin. Do not be discouraged. With technology and the digital marketing age moving as quickly as it does, we understand that you may have limited knowledge. We will always take the time to explain to you the process behind our projects. If something confuses you, you will never be judged for asking. You may be surprised to discover that in a short amount of time, you’ll be making changes to your own website independently.

Our Philosophy

It’s all about vision, and having thoughts and insights as to how things are going to be as the future unfolds. We can help direct your company to be a part of that future. We’ll work with you to understand your vision and your business model. We’ll share our experiences with you — and learn from your experiences. Together, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Online advertising should not be just another vehicle with which you do business. Rather, it should be used interactively in conjunction with your other advertising and an extension of your business goals.

Our 5-Step Process

So your Web site has been built and stands idly by, producing “less than expected results.” Reasons for this can vary greatly, including poor design, counterintuitive architecture, unfocused marketing, and no visitor follow up. ImageWorks, LLC eliminates these problems using a proven 5-step process:

  1. Quantify your goals.
  2. Create a comprehensive plan.
  3. Develop and implement solutions.
  4. Market your site.
  5. Monitor results.

Our Mission Statement

We help our clients by providing customized, single source, Web site design and hosting services in harmony with the focus and operation of their business to maximize ROI.

Our Values

These are the values we operate under on a daily basis, both externally as an organization when dealing with clients, and internally when dealing with employees:

  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Decisiveness
  • Responsiveness
  • Sense of Humor
  • Creativity
  • Long Term Relationships
  • Customer Focus
  • Realistic Expectations

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