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What do you do when your sales are flat but you believe you have an amazing service?


Just because you have an amazing product or service offering doesn’t mean the world knows about it. Flat sales can be a sign that your Website’s messaging is off, or that you are not being found online because of poor site optimization. Even worse – it may be a sign that your message is just being drowned out by the noise from your competitors who may be paying more attention to their online marketing than you.

What Happened Next

A full specifications phase was implemented along with a competitive analysis. Success goals were defined, and a timeline with specific next steps were outlined. This led to the creation of:

  • Design and Build of a new Website
  • New and Enhanced Messaging
  • Social Media Integration
  • HubSpot Marketing Automation Software Integration
  • ROI Metrics measurement
  • Creative Lead Capturing content
  • Full Administrative transparency
  • Ongoing content and Media Calendar


An almost immediate increase in annual sales was realized. Increased phone calls and Web inquiries made it easy to realize the impact of the project, which led to:

  • Improved Organic Search Traffic by 215% year over year
  • Increased BLOG traffic by 680% year over year
  • New contacts increase by 56%
  • Pageview increase of 80%
  • 62% of all leads now come from organic search traffic

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