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As a leading CT ColdFusion developer with 15 years of custom application development, we’ve found that developing Websites and web applications with ColdFusion offers a number of advantages. Ease of use, speed of development, high runtime performance and its dependability along with the fact that it’s an Adobe product are among the main reasons ColdFusion is such a popular choice among programming professionals.

Recent upgrades to ColdFusion come with a host of innovative features that have significantly increased the levels of functionality and scalability of ColdFusion applications. The most recent release of ColdFusion offers amazing cross platform integration, scalability, and rapid deployment solutions. The advantages developing websites in ColdFusion are as diverse as the types of applications that can be developed.

ImageWorks offers:

  • 16 years experience in ColdFusion Development
  • 1000+ Successfully Delivered Projects
  • Proficiency and expertise in custom project development
  • Adequate Team size for scalability

Our tried and trues methodolgy includes steps for Requirements Gathering & Specifications Creation, Internal QA (Quality Assurance) Testing, and a review phase that assures you end up with the application you need.

ImageWorks has been delivering world-class custom ColdFusion application development and digital marketing solutions to start-ups and Fortune 500 customers from all over the world since 1997. With extensive hands-on experience in developing ColdFusion Applications, ColdFusion Programming, and high-end Website design, coupled with deep-rooted business knowledge and experience, our highly-experienced team of programmers and systems analysts are able to deliver send to end solutions that streamline your business.

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