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What do you do when you love your website, but it doesn’t show up when people try to reach it?


Just because your website is completed and you are happy with it, it doesn’t mean that the project is over. In fact, in MOST cases, the marketing is just starting. Part of that scenario means you have a Website that response reliably, and is integrated properly with your email so that you receive maximum exposure. A website that goes down all the time will cause Google to index your website poorly, deeply affecting SEO results, no matter how pretty the website.

What Happened Next

The hosting was set up and the site migrated to ImageWorks. Almost immediately, the site’s performance improved and SEO results skyrocketed. In addition, email management was moved while staying with the same provider. This allowed for a seamless transition, no downtime, and great improvement in service level for the customer. Since moving the website, marketing discussions have begun including:

  • Design and build of a new website
  • New and enhanced messaging
  • Social media integration
  • Paid search evaluation and management
  • Organic SEO
  • Creative lead capturing content


An almost immediate increase in online lead generation and Web inquiries was realized. Increased phone calls and web inquiries made it easy to realize the impact of the project, which led to:

  • Improved organic search traffic by 80% in the first 3 months
  • New contacts increased by 32%
  • Pageviews improvement of 90%
  • 40% of all leads now come from organic search


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