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The standard jingle design is broken into an ABA format, with a lyrical segment up first, followed by a musical interlude, and then the same verse. We find this format offers our clients the most flexibility when deploying their jingle in a variety of formats. The full sixty seconds is the best choice for getting your tune in your prospects’ minds when not constrained by time- perfect for the background music on a holding call. If time’s more of a factor, say at the end of a commercial or fifteen second video bump, the first section of the jingle can be played without losing the hinge’s persuasive elements.

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About American Ladders & Scaffolds

American Ladders & Scaffolds is one of the largest suppliers of ladders, scaffolding and truck equipment in the nation.  This is why they are able to sell their products lower than the competition. They ship worldwide and offer many unique services you will only find at American Ladders & Scaffolds. They offer training and inspections on scaffolding, fall protection and ladders. They also rent most of the products they sell. So if your project is a short term project consider renting your equipment. For 30 years they have been supplying contractors with the best quality climbing products available.  Many people don’t realize American Ladders & Scaffolds has a full service truck equipment installation center.

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