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Connecticut Camping Association is a nonprofit organization partnered with numerous youth services in the state. They needed a website that allowed users to search through a database of camps. We developed a directory search that lets parents browse various camps and filter based on different criteria.

The site also allows unique functionality for camp representatives, providing a uniquely interactive tool for both camp runners and parents packaged in a gorgeous website.


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About CT Camping Association

The CCA is a non-profit organization that promotes good camping practices and works closely with the CT Office of Early Childhood (OEC) and the American Camp Association (ACA).  These camps are licensed by the OEC and inspected during the camp season every summer.  Many of the camps have also chosen to become accredited by the American Camp Association, which requires meeting hundreds of standards and is voluntary.

One of the main purposes of the CCA is to further the interests and welfare of children and adults through camping as an educational and recreational experience.

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