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“Help us to showcase our amazing restaurant,” was the original request of owner, Keith Beaulieu. “We have spent so much time and effort and care into expanding everything from our parking lot to our menu, and now we want to display it to the world.” A project started with a new logo, and then a new look for marketing materials. The website rebuild was next, and incorporated a LOT of information, so a balance needed to be attained between form and function.

New content was entered, and the site came to together focusing on the venue’s food, entertainment, beer selections, and catering. So, while there is a lot going on, the site is still easy to navigate, and the good looks grab anyone who is going to the website for the first time.

The result? Sustained growth for several years running. And while most of that is due to great food and an outstanding restaurant team, we like to think some remarkable marketing has helped too.

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About Main Pub

There’s something cooking or happening every night of the week at The Main Pub. If you’re in the mood for excellent comfort food cooked just right or an exquisite evening out with someone special, our staff will proudly serve you with the same excellent service as we have for 35 years. Then, when your belly has been satisfied, there is always some entertainment happening to stick around for. On Sunday evenings, it’s local bluegrass and karaoke; Tuesday evenings it’s acoustic songwriters; Wednesday’s it’s open mics; Thursday’s it’s trivia; and on Friday and Saturday’s it’s live music.

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