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After receiving a grant from the town of Vernon in late 2016, Vernon Rocks had the opportunity to go through the re-branding process. They wanted their rebranding to be representative of a more positive and relatable name and logo. The site employs a light and playful color scheme, including pink, blue, green, orange, and purple colors to make users feel safe as they navigate through the site.

Vernon Rocks works together to educate the youth and parents while reducing access to illicit substances. After the first conversation with Vernon Rocks, it was apparent they would need to have a strong social presence to further their mission; thus, the site includes a twitter feed in the footer. Please join them on their mission to educate Vernon youth and make the town a safer place for everyone.

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About Vernon ROCKS Coalition

Vernon Rocks, which was previously known as the “Vernon Drug and Alcohol Prevention Council,” has been diligently working to decrease local youth substance abuse for two decades. Although the council previously had minimal funding, they were recently awarded a large substance abuse prevention grant from the town. Since then, the coalition has been able to expand its’ services. Vernon Rocks understand that the key to reducing youth substance abuse is to increase protective factors and minimize risk factors. Their current process incorporates the evidence-based strategies of raising awareness, offering education, establishing enforcement strategies and providing the youth with healthy alternatives. In short, Vernon Rocks members work in tandem to prevent alcohol and prescription drug use among the local youth by decreasing social access to alcohol and prescription drugs and encouraging families to set clear rules and expectations.

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