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ImageWorks, LLC aggressive and affordable maintenance programs can dramatically increase your web sites sales and conversion ratios. Our website maintenance plans are designed to save you money and time, while protecting your investment. Out of date information and repetition of the same old information will cause your visitors to remain completely underwhelmed.

Fresh, timely information should consistently be applied to:

  • Your product information
  • Your welcome message
  • Web Site Content
  • Specials and sales
  • Employee and company history
  • Adding and maintaining links
  • Meta Tags
  • Blog entries
  • News, Events, and Press information
  • Testimonials sections

Myth: Your company or someone on your staff can make modifications to your website faster and more inexpensively than a web developer. This is an error.
FACT: Professional website managers perform this task better and faster, because they do it every day. In addition, ImageWorks, LLC bundles its maintenance with other services, so in may cases, the updating is free.

Myth: We can upgrade the look and feel of the site ourselves, without effecting site performance.
FACT: Many programs such as Microsoft Word will generate an HTML page, BUT: The price you are paying in performance and future maintenance and integration will be four times higher and in many cases have to be completely re-engineered in order ti integrate any functionality. In addition, incompetent “upgrading” can lead to broken links, lost files, or an exposed architecture and security issues.

Benefits for our website maintenance program include:

  1. Page or site makeovers that keep the integrity of the code and the desirable elements that support ‘natural’ promotion.
  2. Up to date content editing. Just email the information and graphics and we will upload it, quickly, with a trained eye to the overall appearance and continual promotion of your site.
  3. Site Optimization. Using newest technologies, we monitor your site and make changes that improve your site’s performance while we edit, insuring that all features are functional.

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