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One of Connecticut’s hidden gems, Wickham Park is a unique venue offering remarkable spots for weddings, attractions, a petting zoo, sports, or just a place to relax. Unfortunately, an old and tired website did little to emphasize any of the remarkable qualities. Additionally, an under performing “new” web designer became unresponsive, so the client was left with an unfinished project, limited budget, and a time crunch to get the site launched for a new season.

What Happened Next

ImageWorks was engaged to “right the ship” and provide a solution that would meet all of the marketing objectives. A complete overhaul of the layout was wireframes, and new stunning images were incorporated to showcase what a truly magnificent property exists in Eastern Connecticut’s backyard. Additionally, the messaging was changed to focus on specific offerings that Wickham Park wanted to display upfront, so that visitors to the website were shown the most frequently viewed and visited information. From there, the navigation was completely restructured, simplifying while creating an intuitive and uniform platform. From an administrative standpoint, a Content Management System was added as well, allowing the customer to be able to manage changes on the website at will.


Besides the constant new stream of compliments, website visits doubled almost immediately, and more importantly, visits to the park itself, reservations for areas within the park and attendance to the main attractions also increased. As the website was the only thing to change that season from a marketing perspective, all of the success can be directly attributed to the website redesign and rebuilt.

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