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Business 2.0 January 2004 Talk Back ? COMPETING VISIONS:

Monday, October 4, 2004

I was dismayed to read that your magazine views the future of seamless computing as “Gatesian” (“The Vision Thing Again”, Titans of Tech, December). Frankly, in my world of PHP, LINUX, MySQL, and other open-source tools, we have been living in a seamless computing environment for quite some time. Likewise, my Handspring Treo 600 synchronizes quickly to my Apple G4 laptop, and, via iCal, to many of the computers I use. Granted, none of these are Microsoft products, but then again, I am trying to get some work done. The fact is, Microsoft products play well only with other Microsoft products, stifling innovation for the rest of us. If it weren’t for the folks who are truly innovative, Microsoft development platforms wouldn’t work on any other platforms other than Microsoft’s. If you want to find real innovation, talk tot he people who are in the trenches daily, writing non-bloated code that’s solving real business problems today. The only thing that’s stuck in a “vacuum of vision” is Bill Gates Himself.

– Jeffrey Cohen, ImageWorks, LLC, Vernon, CT

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