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Digiwize is now ImageWorks

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vernon, CT. (January 06, 2012) – ImageWorks, LLC, a customized, single source, Web site design and hosting services firm based in Vernon, CT, announces the asset acquisition of Digiwize, formerly based in Tolland, CT.

“We are pleased to welcome Digiwize's customers,” said Jeffrey Cohen, vice president of sales. “We have a long and trusted relationship with the Digiwize team, and some of it's client base has an existing realtionship with ImageWorks, so of course we are pleased. We are looking forward to providing all of our clients in New England and the Tri State Area with our state-of-the-art technology based service offerings.” 

"Because of the long relationship with, and the quality of the Digiwize team, we are honored that they felt ImageWorks to be a valuable solution in which to entrust their client base." Cohen continued. "I'm reticent to use such a Cliche, but's it's a win-win. Digiwize and their clients end up with a great team behind their online marketing and Web technology, and ImageWorks continues to grow and expand their offerings."

As a result of the acquisition, ImageWorks clients now have access to an expanded base of solutions, while Digiwize's former clients will have access to ImageWorks’ 24/7 customer service and tech support, a high-end enterprise level content management system, search engine optimization, social media, a full array of e-commerce and database integration services, as well as customized hosting plans housed at a local data center and an award winning rapid response customer service platform.

According to Cohen, the Digiwize client base has already expressed their excitement about the extended range of products and incredibly quick customer service response times that will now be available to them through ImageWorks.

ImageWorks is the largest web development firms in eastern Connecticut.

For more information visit or call 860.454.0582.


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